Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Touring around town

Over the course of last week, I tried to show Camelia my favorite places to eat, the markets where I do my daily shopping, etc to she could get a sense of the community that I live in. Here are some photos.

This is a place I walk by every single day. Camelia took this photo as she thought it was quite amusing. For those of you who cannot read the sign next to the tires, it is a tire shop that also sells cheese, cream, hot dogs, chorizo sausage, meat, chicken, etc. A likely combination right?

On our way back home one day, we ran into this little cutie. As you can probably see, this is definitely not a starving street dog but a 2 month old Bassett Hound named Daisy that is clearly well loved and cared for.

A few of you have been asking about the litter of 10 puppies from the street dog in my neighborhood. Unfortunately, two have since died. I took Camelia down there to see them. They are now about a month old and cuter than ever. My friend Debi who feeds their mom on a daily basis (along with many other street dogs in need) now has two of these pups in our home as they needed some additional medical care due to infections and other issues. She bottle feeds them at home and then takes them to the mother several times throughout the day so they can feed on their mom's milk. And they still need homes - I think there are only one or two spoken for.

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