Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sushi, sun and fun

While Camelia was here, we went to many of my favorite local restaurants. One thing I had been craving since I arrived in Mexico and had not yet had was sushi. Back in Canada, Camelia, her husband and I would eat sushi on a regular basis. Manzanillo has grown over the last several years and now has a few sushi restaurants to choose from.

Camelia loved the name of this restaurant and had to take a photo!

I was contemplating trying this restauarant while Camelia was here visiting, but then Debi and Ron invited us over to their house for sushi. Ron had taken some sushi classes in the past and makes it on occasion. What a feast we had! Ron definitely has missed his calling and must have been a sushi chef in a formal life. Here is a photo of some of his beautiful creations.

After stuffing ourselves with sushi, we went up and sat under the palapa while the dogs played and Jackson swam in their pool. Yes, that is right, none of the humans swam in the pool, but my dog wasn't about to miss out on that! Debi and Ron love to have dogs swim in their pool.

Jackson playing fetch and enjoying their beautiful pool.

The next few days were very hot and my dear friend Christina had invited us to hang out at the pool in the condo complex where I would stay when I came to Manzanillo on vacation. There was no one staying in the condo complex so we had the pool all to ourselves. It was so nice to be able to hang out there during the day as it was smoking hot.

The ocean was like bath water, it was so warm. While watching the waves rolling in, I noticed a large school of something in the water. I was not sure what it was initially but there were literally hundreds of them. I cannot be sure what they were but they looked like small brown sting rays. I had never seen them so close to shore and there were so many of them. Does anyone know what they could be and why there would be so many?

Not a bad view from my lounge chair!

Deep thoughts...

Camelia enjoying a cold one

I love the colors in this hibiscus

Camelia wanted me to show her where my mom's final resting place is. As it was just down the beach from the condo, I brought her down there where we placed some flowers.

Mom's final resting place.


Steve Cotton said...

Was Jade too modest to go swimming?

New Beginnings said...

I have discovered that Jade does not like water. When we go the beach, she always has one eye on the water and waves to make sure she does not get wet. I am sure you can imagine how much she liked her first bath!

Nancy said...

Here in Mazatlan there have been schools of skates noticed in the last week. Sounds like the same thing down there.

Glad you had fun with your visitor!

~BCBUD~ said...

Your absolutely right about Ron missed his calling. And lets not forget the pozole that at least I was introduced to that night,I am so hook on pozole now I can't get enough!Viva Pozole!