Sunday, September 14, 2008

Camelia goes to La K'Melia

After Alex's visit here to Manzanillo and his adventures at La K'Melia, the first thing Camelia told me when she was coming to visit was "you better NOT take me there". Never one to back away from a challenge, I sought out to convince her that this was a fun place and I would never volunteer her for the interactive stage show which involves lots of tequila shots, dancing and spinning (note: my fingers were crossed behind my back when I said this). So, on her second last day here, after much convincing, lo and behold, we ended up going to La K'Melia (I can be very persuasive). We went with Stan and MJ as well as my good friend Marta.

They had a great band and the food was great. Basically, they bring out plates and plates of food at no cost as long as you are purchasing drinks. It is a great way to try a number of different local dishes. We tried all sortso of things including ceviche, refried beans, many different kinds of tacos and pig skin. The only thing I was not too fond of was the pickled pig skin. Otherwise, everything else was very good.

We were enjoying the food and the band when it came time for the stage show. They were looking for female volunteers and yes, I just had to point them in Camelia's direction. Trust me, I realize I will pay for this with some sort of retribution in the future. But until then, I still giggle to this day when I think of her up on that stage shooting daggers at me with her eyes!

They gathered all the girls and they went up on the stage. First, they lined up the girls sitting on chairs and had the cute boy waiters do a little dance (including a semi lap dance). I have never laughed so hard in my life - Camelia was absolutely mortified. Then, the boys took the seat and the girls had to dance in front of each one. After this, each girl had to do some tequila shots - Camelia ended up doing 3 (I think?) and immediately after the shots, one of the men picked her up across their shoulders and proceeded to spin her around at full speed for at least 10 rotations. I know what you are all thinking. Where are the photos? Well, I have many but as I always do before publishing them on my blog, I asked for her permission. Alas, I did not get such permission. And she is a lawyer and frankly, I am scared of the consequences. So, I can only show you the "after" picture which is right after the spinning.

This is before the stage show - check out all the food!

Here are the boys doing a little dance in front of the girls. Camelia is sitting on a chair behind the boy on the right side of the frame

After getting off the stage - make the spinning stop!

When it came time for the guys, Camelia immediately pointed out Stan and he went up there. Here he is after several tequila shots. They did at lease 20 rotations for the boys - no mercy!

All in all, I think everyone had a great time and the best part was how inexpensive it was. I think we spent 3 hours there and for all that beer, food and entertainment, the total bill for all 5 of us was about $600 pesos (approx $60 USD).

After her stage debut, I asked Camelia if she still loves me. She said yes, although payback will be sweet. I guess the good news for me is that she has to come visit me again to get her retribution! teehee


Steve Cotton said...

Where is La K'Melia located?

New Beginnings said...

La K'Melia is on the main boulevard and is about one block north (back towards Santiago) from the first traffic light after the Pemex on top of the hill.

BoBo's Mom said...

Good luck getting any of your future visitors to go there. By the way, the process server is coming your way with the "suit"!!