Monday, September 15, 2008

Dog blog

One of my friends calls my website a dog blog as that is all I seem to write about. Well, what can I say, I am a dog lover and my dogs are my babies. And they always seem to give me good material to write about. And today is no different so Lisa, you may want to skim or skip this post today!

When Camelia was here, she wanted to check out my vet's office (if you can call it that) and meet this vet that I refer to as the dog whisperer. We walked down to the corner to take the bus and Jade, the dog I recently rescued, followed us down there in typical fashion. Usually, once I get on the bus, she turns around and returns to my apartment to wait for me. However, this time, she decided to come right on the bus after Camelia and I got on! I turned to the bus driver to apologize and he said not to worry, as long as she did not bite anyone, she was free to ride along. Here is Jade on her first bus ride (that I know of):

Jade and her crazy Yoda ears!

Camelia was amazed at how small the vet office was - it is basically a shoe box and she was blown away that can perform surgeries, etc in such a small space. This would be a real eye opener for our vets in Canada. Unfortunately, the vet was not there but her mom and the many street cats that she rescues.

Yesterday, I was opening the door for Jade to come in the house, and Jackson saw something and tore out the door before I knew what happened. I soon discovered that he was chasing the flock of hens that live on our street. The rooster and hens do not seem to belong to anybody but just walk up and down the street scrounging for food. Jackson has never been trained or used for hunting although that is what beagles are bred for is hunting rabbits and foxes. Well, his hunting instincts certainly kicked in as I soon found him along with a hen he had cornered and he was not letting her get away. I managed to get there just in time before he was able to arrange his own supper! I shudder to think about that poor hen and her demise had I not shown up. As I was trying to grab Jackson to get him out of there, I noticed a scorpion crawling around. It was the first one I have seen since arriving here. I am sure you can imagine how fast I got out of there!

A few of you have been asking how Jackson has been adjusting to Jade, the new addition to our little pack. For the first few weeks, he basically ignored her completely and would pretend she was not even here. For the first time this morning, he acknowledged her existence and played with her for about an hour! Jade is definitely the alpha though - she had Jackson on his back in no time.


Steve Cotton said...

You will never hear a complaint from me about a dog-oriented blog. Did you have any trouble getting Jade home -- or did you just wait for the same bus driver?

New Beginnings said...

Steve - we had no problems at all. I was a little concerned but when we got on the first bus that came along, I asked if it was ok and my dog was not agressive and it was not a problem.

Now, getting a taxi with a dog is an entirely different story. I attempted this with Jackson one time. After getting rejected from 3 different taxi drivers, I sat down on a bench in the square wondering what on earth I would do. Eventually, another taxi came up to me and said dogs were allowed in his car but not on the seat - Jackson had to go on the floor.

Anonymous said...

i'm with steve-i love dog stories. great pictures of jade. when we lived in japan i'd occasionally see someone on the bus with a dog, so i decided that if they allowed dogs, they might also allow trees, as in christmas trees. sure enough, they let me get on and people even moved around to accomodate us-the tree and me that is.
looking forward to your next post.