Thursday, September 4, 2008

Enjoying every minute with my visitor!

My good friend Camelia finally arrived on Monday night - one day late but thankfully arrived in one piece with all her luggage. Her luggage was a little lighter than normal as they would not allow her to bring the special dog kibble that I had asked her to bring. Most of the dog treats she brought were allowed in much to Jackson and Jade's delight.

So, in typical fashion, there was a little drama on my end getting to the airport on time. Friends, MJ and Stan generously offered to take me to the airport to pick her up. A few hours before we had to leave for the airport, they picked me up to head to the grocery store to get provisions, beer, wine, and all the necessary things so I would be prepared for Camelia. At our final stop, we had just picked up a case a beer and the van would not start! As Stan was figuring out the problem, my friend Debi called and I told her my predicament. She offered to come and get us and our groceries (that required refrigeration) and drop me off at my friend Winter's house who had offered to let me use her car to drive to the airport. They quickly dropped me off as we were running far behind and I was worried about Camelia waiting at the airport. While I drove at mach speed to the airport in Winter's car, Debi dropped off my groceries at my house, picked up the dogs and took them for a walk. Can you believe how lucky I am to have such great new friends?

I finally arrived at the airport 30 minutes late and in a complete panic. I knew Camelia did not speak a lick of Spanish and would be wondering at my lack of punctuality. As I arrived to the airport, I noticed they were closing everything down, staff were leaving and there was Camelia - the one lone tourist sitting outside with her bags. Poor Camelia! I guess the taxi drivers had all asked her if she needed a ride (one more than one occasion), especially the last taxi driver as the airport was closing up!

It was so great to see her! We made our way back home, changed and then immediately headed over to the Posdata Cafe. The owners of the cafe had offered to throw a welcome party for Camelia and her first time in Manzanillo. All of my friends were there and they welcomed her with a Mexican flag and pin. The cafe owners had made a bunch of appetizers for her to sample while we had our drinks.

A photo of Camelia and I at the Posdata Cafe with her new Mexican flag

We got home from the Posdata Cafe around 1am and then decided to open a bottle of wine while Camelia unpacked her suitcase. It was like Christmas! She had brought so many things for me and the dogs. The dogs got new toys, new dog collars and many different treats. One of the new collars was donated generously for my new street dog Jade by our favorite dog store in Calgary - Unleashed. Thanks guys! I got my favorite bottle of Italian wine -a belated birthday gift! We stayed up very late catching up, visiting and drinking wine. We could not beleive it when we looked at the time and it was 4:30am.

We have been having a great time since she arrived. I promise to post another blog soon with all our adventures and pictures along the way.


Mexico "Way" said...

Have fun with your friend and don't worry about us!!

How cool that she came to visit so soon!

Anonymous said...

you are very fortunate to have such wonderful new friends and old ones like camilia. good friends are worth more than their weight in gold. enjoy your time together. i look forward to reading all about your adventures. hey, can i have a party for my first time visiting manzanillo?


Steve Cotton said...

I hope Camelia enjoys the visit. It appears it started very well.

Professor Jiggs is slipping every day. I wish I could drive him down to let him spend his last days on the beach. A last romp with Jackson and Jade would do him well. Sounds like a rock group-- Jackson, Jiggs, and Jade.

New Beginnings said...

Mexico Way - thanks! We are having a great time and thought I would quickly blog while she was in the shower one night.

Teresa - absolutely! Fiesta time.

Steve - Camelia has been enjoying her visit very much although she is having a hard time with the state of the street dogs here. She saw her first golden retriever today and it made her miss Bobo very much. We have both been wondering about Professor Jiggs. In fact, we talked about it last night. We are sorry to hear that he is slipping. He is in our thoughts and wish Jackson and Jade could meet him. What a rockin group they would make! Jackson and Jade send sloppy kisses to P. Jiggs.

Anonymous said...

If your friends are wine drinkers you might want to take them by VIVA VINO in Plaza Galeria. They have a small lounge and tasting bar. Besides the wine they have the coldest beer in Manzanillo and a great selection of tequilas from botique distilleries you wont find anyplace else.

New Beginnings said...

Anonymous - cool, thanks for the info. My company is now gone but I will check it out sometime.