Friday, September 19, 2008

Mexican Independence Day

On September 16, there was a major holiday here in Mexico called Dia de la Independencia where Mexicans all over the world celebrate Mexico’s independence from Spanish rule. All over Manzanillo, shops, restaurants and cars were all decorated with the Mexican flag and/or colors of the Mexican flag. On the weekend, we noticed a huge influx of Mexican tourists from this state and neighboring states. The fiesta actually starts on the evening of September 15 and continues well into the next morning/day.

I was invited to the Posdata Cafe by the two young women that own and operate this cafe. They prepared several delicious appetizers for us to munch on while having a few beverages. Pillar, one of the owners, convinced me to try a new drink called a "Paloma". This is prepared with tequila, fresh lime juice, squirt (similar to Fresca), soda water and salt. I had learned several new adjectives in Spanish class that day - one of which was dangerous. When asked how I liked the drink, I would reply "Es delicioso, pero peligroso!". It is delicious, but dangerous!

Denny and Pillar - the cafe owners

There were mostly Mexican friends at this party, so I was able to practice my Spanish a little. I met a new local family, whose mother's birthday coincided with Independence Day. So at midnight, her sons brought out the violin and guitar and played a few songs for her.

The festivities wrapped up around 1-2am and then Denny, Pillar, Cynthia and Nacho invited me to join them at the disco for a night of dancing. Before we left, they brought out the tequila shots. I was able to use that new adjective again - peligrosa! I had a great time, and learned a few new latin dances. We left the disco around 5:30am and it was still absolutely packed. Apparently, it stays open until 7am. I felt like I was back in my early 20's. We all wanted to go grab some tacos before going home, so we headed over to La Sonrisa, a 24 hour taco stand that is one of my favorites. When we arrived, we discovered that it was completely packed - there was not a free table in the entire place! And yes, this was at 5:45am. So, we had to head home........taco-less! It has been a long time since I have stayed out all night - I definitely paid for this the next day and the following day also. I am getting far too old for these kind of shenanigans!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like so much fun! Wish I could have been there. I love to dance. Reading your blog is making me want to move down even more-it may be a while, but God willing I will make it.

Have a great weekend!


Lanie Ambrock said...

Ha ha! Good form Missy!!! Shame that it took two days to recover though! Ha ha ha!!!

Glad to see you are having fun and starting to get the Spanish lingo down!

Keep missing you on Skype! :o( Hope to catch up soon!

Take care and hugs to the dogs!

Love Lanie