Sunday, September 7, 2008

Off to a messy start

After Camelia and I's late night with the vino, we started off day one with some healthy breakfast - my typical morning smoothie. I started off by juicing the oranges and getting everything in the blender. So far so good. Camelia took these photos of the oranges - she liked the color contrast of the green skins with the orange flesh.

At one point, I took my hand off the top of the blender to grab the protein. Ok, ok, I know what you are thinking. Why would you do that? Let's just say I was not on my A-game after our late night vino session. The momentum from the blender unscrewed the blender from it's base and kaboom! Camelia heard me scream and came running.

The "before" picture - so far so good.

And "after" - I was wearing most of the smoothie!

After we managed to stop laughing, operation "clean-up" began. Was this a sign of things to come? And why was Camelia there at all times taking photos? It was like she knew something like this would happen and was camera ready at all times. Stay tuned for more adventures.....


Anonymous said...

if your dogs weren't so big you could have put them up there to lick off the mess. they would have loved it-it looks yummy!

my mom once had lid to a pressure cooker fly off and we had black beans everywhere-even on the ceiling. now that was a real mess!

enjoy the rest of your time with camelia.


Steve Cotton said...

Another Mexico's Funniest Home Videos lost. Thanks for sharing. I had a great laugh. It is always nice to have friends around when these Great Moments occur.

New Beginnings said...

Teresa - I think the dogs were outside on the balcony during this mishap, otherwise, the floor and lower cupboard clean up would have been easier!

Steve - you are absolutely right! Glad I could give you a giggle.