Sunday, September 28, 2008

Que paso?

So many of you have been asking me about Jade and the street puppies. Here is a dog update.

Back in August, I wrote a post discussing the two street dogs and their puppies that required homes. Many of you have been asking me about these puppies and wondering if they have found homes. And the answer is a resounding YES! I am so pleased to report that the litter of 10 puppies by the brindle mother down by the OXXO store have all gone to a loving home. The litter was reduced down to 7 puppies as a few of the little guys did not make it and one up and disappeared (it was the really cute black and white one which we hope was adopted by a loving home).

At any rate, thanks to ex-pat Debi, she has found a loving home for ALL of the puppies! She also brought the mom in to get fixed so she can no longer reproduce. Debi is an ex-pat from Canada who is a HUGE dog lover and feeds alot of the stray dogs around town, brings them into the vet to get fixed, takes sick animals into her home to nurse them until they are rehabilitated, etc. Bottom line is this woman has a huge heart and all of the street dogs that she comes across are well looked after or find the care they need thanks to her tireless efforts.

The other puppy litter of 4 dogs (check out the picture from the previous post), also have found loving homes thanks to Teresa and Steve. Teresa and Steve have looked after the mom and the puppies from the get go and managed to find homes for all of them (including her own home)! She has gone through countless issues with those dogs and many a vet visit.

So, two big success stories in Santiago village! Thanks to all the hard work of Debi and Teresa, 11 street pups have found loving homes. It just goes to show that one person can make a huge difference in whether an animal lives or dies.

Many of you have been asking about Jade, my recent dog rescue off the streets of Manzanillo.

Initially, she was living outside on my porch while I was feeding her, bringing her in to the vet to treat her many medical problems, give her all the necessary vaccinations and trying to get her healthy overall. Now, she is doing really well. She has some meat on her bones (you can barely see her ribs anymore), she is free of ticks and fleas and was fixed recently so she is not able to have puppies. Emotionally, she still has massive abandonment/separation issues and freaks out anytime I leave without her, but I am hoping in time, this will pass. She is very affectionate and follows me everywhere.

Please, please, please let me live inside with you. I will be good, I promise!

I am sure this will not come as a shock, but she is no longer living outside and is now living in my apartment with Jackson and I. She is adjusting really well to living indoors (versus on the streets) although she still trys to eat whatever is in the garbage can. Old habits I guess..... She is very smart and has learned to come when called, to sit, to wait to eat her food until I give the go ahead, etc. She is an amazing dog and I am very happy that she has came into my life. I honestly cannot imagine life without her!


Anonymous said...

hooray for debi, teresa and for you! you all have wonderful, loving hearts and because of that, 12 dogs now have homes where they are nurtured and loved instead of living on the streets facing hunger, disease and the possibility of getting hit by a car. God bless you all.

teresa in lake stevens, wa. another dog lover

Anonymous said...

Jadie's tag has finally arrived!!!