Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another birthday!

Today is Jackson's 5th birthday. This week is chocked full of birthdays in my family. My niece, my brother, my father and my dog Jackson.

So today, it is all about Jackson!

Jackson at 2 months old

Ok, I got up the stairs, now you expect me to go DOWN?

I often wonder what he thinks of his new home in Mexico.

Some random musings from the point of view of Jackson

- Why is it so freakin' hot here all the time?
- When is it going to snow?
- I love, love, love the new dog park (aka the beach). Why is the water so salty?
- Who the hell is this new dog in my house with the big goofy ears? Who does she think she is shoving me off my own bed and chewing on my toys? This sure is one long sleep over...
- Why can't I eat the hens on my street?
- How come all the other dogs are not on a leash?

His favorite place in Manzanillo

His new bed that he gets to sleep on some of the time- THANKS Auntie Camelia!


Brenda said...

He is soooo adorable and was even more so when he was a puppy.
Yah makes you wonder what he thinks of the move.

Anonymous said...

the puppy pictures are precious. i'm surprised at how much his coloring changed. he is now a handsome dog!

my son chris will be 24 on sat. hard to believe how the years have flown.


New Beginnings said...

Thanks Brenda and Teresa. I was going through his puppy pictures and had forgotten how much lighter he has become. It makes me wonder what Jade looked like as a small pup.

~BCBUD~ said...

Feliz CumpleaƱos Jackson!you lucky dawg!

BoBo's Mom said...

Here's are Jackson's real thoughts:

- It's so humid here I don't need to drink water anymore. What am I going to do to pass time?
- The beach is okay, except it keeps stealing my balls. Me not happy about that.
- Where the hell are my girlfriends BoBo and Miko? They must be worried sick about me.
- Why on earth did Auntie Camelia come visit without bringing my BoBo? No one wanted to see her anyway. Did she not know that?
- SOMEONE smuggle me some EVO beef!!
- Or better, Mom....take me home PLEASE!!