Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Limbo and falling coconuts

I have been getting a bunch of e-mails asking about my moving situation and the bestway to describe where I am at right now is a state of limbo. To date, I have looked at many houses and apartments and the one I like the most and that would be ideal for me and the dogs is the 2 bedroom unfurnished house with the fenced yard that I have talked about in previous posts. I was supposed to find out last weekend if I can rent the house but as of last night, I still do not have confirmation. My friend that is currently renting is going to bring me over to meet the landlord this Saturday and hopefully I can then make some concrete plans.

In a previous post, I was stressing about furnishing an entire house but after much thought and deliberation (and provided I GET the house), I have decided to go for it. I think it is too good of an opportunity to pass up. So thanks to everyone for your advice and thoughts - I really appreciate it! In my current state of limbo over "THE house", I have continued looking at other places just in case that one falls through. In addition, I have found beds and bedroom furniture to furnish BOTH bedrooms at a great price! A fellow Canadian is moving and is selling the entire contents of his condo. I went over to his condo as soon as I heard but unfortunately he had already sold everything, with the exception of the furniture in both bedrooms. The beds are only a few months old and are great quality with frames, headboards and nightstands.

On an entirely unrelated note, one of the things I love about tropical places and Manzanillo, in particular, are the beautiful palm trees.

Often, you see men shimmying up the tree (without ropes) with machete in hand to cut down all the coconuts. It is quite a talent and incredible to watch. Yesterday, I was walking with the dogs near the beach along a street lined with palm trees. I was listening to my IPOD, in my own little world, when suddenly there was a loud thunk right next to me. It scared the living daylights out of me. A coconut had fallen from the tree and missed me by a few feet! Now, those who know me, are quite aware how accident prone I am as evidenced by several concussions in my lifetime. Up until now, I had never really considered being concussed by a coconut, or worse. I will be taking a wider berth around the palm trees from now on.......


Laniecat said...

A quote from a poster at a "I'm Canadian Eh?" Party..
"Oh that fateful tennis ball, I guess I am still not over it!!" Hubby still feels bad for giving you a concussion!! But you have to admit, it was the funniest dam thing I have EVER SEEN!!! HA HA HA HA!!!!
Love ya babes!

New Beginnings said...

I absolutely laughed out loud when I read that. I had forgotten about that incident.....hmmm, maybe that is a sign of lingering symptoms? But seriously, one of the incidents I thought of is when Bobo knocked me unconscious at the dog park. I had a few accidents in that park come to think of it.....hmmmm, where is my helmut???

Bev & Mike said...

How did you solve your furnishing problem?

I'm a writer and currently researching moving to Mexico and furnishing the new home. Can you help with what you experienced and resources you might have?

New Beginnings said...

Bev - Well, I solved it in a number of ways. First, I got the word out in the community here that I was looking for used furniture to buy. I talked to everyone I knew, put a wanted ad up a local website (like Craig's list), etc. Through these methods, I was able to buy all my bedroom furniture, fridge and a few other kitchen items used and at a very good price. The rest of my furniture I found in various places. I went to Tonola/Guadalajara and found some great pieces for the house and at a bargain. I also found some pieces in Colima and here in Manzanillo. If you need any other info, just send me your e-mail address and we can chat more (I will not publish your address).