Saturday, May 2, 2009

Back to the beach

I have been getting many questions about how my leg is doing, am I walking normally again, etc. First of all, a big thanks to all of you who have been sending notes of encouragement and support - I really appreciate it. As to my current state of gimpness, I can say that I am walking much better and have much less pain on a daily basis. One of the hardest things about this injury was the lack of mobility, not being able to do things for myself and not being able to go to the beach. The orthopedic specialist said that after I started walking again, I was to stay away from walking on the beach for about a month. That just about killed me as I am used to going there daily with the dogs. And there is something about the ocean that is good for the soul. Whenever I am having a tough time or need to contemplate matters, I go for a walk on the beach. I inevitably feel so much better afterwards. It is just good for the soul, I think. Anyways, not being to go for so long was really depressing and was not only hard on me but on the dogs too as they aboslutely LOVE the beach.

I am happy to report that I am getting better each and every day. I am now walking about one hour a day and am back to walking on the beach again a few days a week. Hooray!

One of my first days back at the beach - the dogs had a blast!

Here is Jackson after the beach - I think he is smiling

After we got back from the beach, my friend and I had a cold beer on the balcony. He had left his empty can on the coffee table and when I came into the living room, Jade had the can on the floor and was trying to lick out whatever she could. Ahhh, your Grandma would have been proud Jade. Sol was her favorite beer!


Chrissy and Keith said...

The puppies are so darn cute! Jake must melt your heart everyday.

New Beginnings said...

Yeah, it is a good thing she is so darn cute -that has probably saved her life after eating a few of my favorite shoes!

BoBo's Mom said...

I discovered just this past week that BoBo is an alcoholic....she'll drink or wine. But Miko would not touch any of it. I wonder if I could get BoBo drunk. That would be funny.