Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

I have visions of roasted turkey, families joining together and of course, chocolate! But alas, not going to happen for me this year. So, enjoy your families, enjoy the yummy food and have some fun (and chocolate) for me!
I think the thing I miss most about Easter is getting together with family. I have many fond memories of holidays, especially Easter. We would all gather together, eat, play cards and have lots of laughs. My mom would always buy little gifts for us, even as adults. In the gifts, there would be a little chocolate but it would mostly be comprised of practical household items. For example, one year I got a set of glass mixing bowls for baking. Very cool...that was my mom - always thoughtful and very practical!

Now I will share a good Easter story with you. I was in my first year university and Easter came along. I took the bus home so I could spend the weekend with my family. It was Good Friday and Mom was trying to convince me to go play bingo with her. First of all, I was completely broke. In fact, I had one more month of rent to pay in my apartment, and I did not have enough money to pay it. I was in a huge bind and I had no idea what to do about it. The way it worked was that my parents scrounged up enough money for my tuition and I was responsible for paying the rest. Well, I had not budgeted correctly and was short for my last month of rent. My parents did not know my predicament and I could not even fathom asking them for the money.

Ok, back to the bingo saga. I do not particularily enjoy the game so was not really enamored with the whole prospect of going. Well, mom was insistent and basically strong armed me into going and told me she would pay for my cards and if either of us won, we would split the money. So, I begrudgingly went to bingo with her. Wouldn't you know it, I won a HUGE jackpot and mom refused to take her half of the money. And not only was it enough to cover my rent for the next month, I would not have to live on ichiban noodles!

Everytime Easter comes around, I think of this story and how I clearly had angels looking out for me (even though I gambled on Good Friday rather than going to church!!)

Happy Easter everyone!

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Laurie said...

Good story! I am away from my family, too, while living in Honduras. It's good and bad to be away during holidays. I am glad you won the jackpot, even if you were not in church on Good Friday.