Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu and Manzanillo

I have been getting a ton of e-mails from concerned friends and family about the outbreak of the latest flu virus. From what I can gather, the flu scare is mostly concentrated in Mexico City where they have closed down schools, churches, sporting events and other public places. This area seems to be where the most reported cases have been found. Here in Manzanillo, based on my readings and research, there have been NO reported cases (yet). If anyone knows any differently, please comment below.

In addition, no one is wearing masks here (yet) from what I have seen. For precautionary measures, they have recently closed down some of the schools here. I am not sure if all are closed but my friend's son goes to a private school and they have closed that one down until May 6. Some people are even stocking up on groceries because they are scared the stores will close too! However, there certainly isn't panic or mayhem, simply precautionary measures. I have also heard that the hospitals are prepared if there happen to be any outbreaks here.

If anyone has any other information on the virus and the Manzanillo area, please feel free to comment below.

Here is a fact sheet on the virus courtesy of the Public Health Agency of Canada (thanks Trev).


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this info. I was recently in Manzanillo for 1 week and returned to Toronto on April 10th so of course, all of my family and friends have been concrened about me even though I had no flu-like symptoms. This post has given me futher peace of mind!


Jules Joseph

Anonymous said...

i read that all schools throughout the country are closed as well as many of the other venues you mentioned. God willing this will help it keep from spreading. i just read an article about a school in nyc that has had many case and had to close down. some students had been in mexico on spring break.

take care and stay healthy. i hope you and steve can get the dogs together soon. hopefully prof. jiggs will pull through.

teresa in lake stevens.

BoBo's Mom said...

2 confirmed cases in Alberta today. Take care of yourself. Wash your hands thoroughly :)

Anonymous said...

Well the good thing is that all of the flu talk has gotten everyone off the drug killing talk. As of today there are NO cases in Colima and NO suspected cases.

Live live, all of it involves risks!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info - my son is in Manzanillo doing a diving course - he is 19 and unconcerned. However I am a mum and worry constantly for him - the British Press is reporting it constantly and think that it is scaremongering.

New Beginnings said...

Jules and British mum- I am glad this makes you feel a little better.

Teresa - yes, we hope the precautionary measures will help.

Camelia - I heard about that and read that one is in Calgary and one in Northern Alberta. You guys be careful too.

Stan - thanks for confirming! I agree. I went to the Commercial yesterday and all the staff were wearing masks. I think it is a pyschological thing.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine is currently working at a resort in Manzanillo. Though she said it's not a threat there yet, they are taking precautionary measures and have started wearing masks.

Laniecat said...

Hey Tel, you be careful hun. There are ten, yes ten, reported cases all the way down here. Our news reports are saying that Mexican borders have been shut, and some of the asian countries are thinking of closing their borders too. Scare tactics sensationalizing it, but still, its pretty scary. If people would just stop making out with animals, this stuff wont happen. Isnt that right Mr Jackson? By the way, how's bubbles? Ha ha ha.. Sorry.. had to.. couldnt resist!
Take care Missy.. Talk soon