Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Family visit

In February, my family came to visit me for the first time since I moved to Manzanillo. They have come many times before but this was their first time visiting while I live here. My father, his girlfriend, her nephew and his friend along with another couple came. In addition, my brother was able to come around the same time. Everyone was here for 2 weeks and it was great to see them. My brother Trevor arrived first and stayed with me at my apartment the first night. My friend Shelley offered to lend me her car so that I could head out to the airport to pick him up. Thanks again Shelley - that was so thoughtful of you.

It was so good to see Trevor - it had been over 7 months since I saw him last. When we arrived at the apartment, Jackson just about lost his mind, he was so excited to see him. It was pretty cute actually. That first night, we went out to to Trevor's favorite pub and then went out to my friend's bar . A few of my friends came out that night so he was able to meet some of the people in my life here.

Trevor enjoying a "cold one" on my balcony

Good friends Rob and Mike out on the town with us- fellow canucks

My father and crew arrived the following day and we met up with them at the condo where we have always stayed. Trevor stayed with them in their condo for one week and then with good friends Bonnie and Warren the second week.

On a side note, I managed to see my dad at Christmas time when I went to Canada for a visit. He came up to Calgary one day for a visit and we went out for supper. Even though it has nothing to do with this post, I had to include this photo as it is a classic! We went out for dinner to a greek restaurant and here he is with the belly dancer. Look at that grin! Is that a $5 dollar bill Dad? Tee hee

Don, Dawn, Lorri and Dad enjoying Happy Hour

As always, Trevor had his ball glove and was on the beach every day getting in some play time.

Margaritas anyone?

Boys night out

Good eats

One evening, my friend invited us to go to the local rodeo. Both Trevor and I were not sure about it, but thought we would check it out. No one else wanted to go so it was just the three of us. It was a very interesting experience and I am glad that I went. The rodeo we went to was in Santiago at the Plaza de Toros. It consisted soley of bull riding. Of course, there was a 15 piece band belting out banda music and couples would dance in the stands between bull rides. From what I observed, the rodeo is a big family outing and children barely old enough to walk donned cowboy hats, boots, buckles,etc. It was adorable to see. Here is Trevor with his new friend's cowboy hat. This is one of my favorite pictures - I laugh everytime I see it.

Giddee up!

Of course, a visit to Manzanillo would not be complete without a visit to the local botanero, La K'Melia. This is a place where you pay for your drinks and they continue to bring out plate after plate of yummy Mexican tapas until you cannot eat anymore. In addition, if you recall from previous posts, there is a live band along with other entertainment where they get "volunteers" from the audience and make them do crazy things. I gathered a big group of people together and we went one afternoon. It was a blast - lots of laughs.

Mike, Trevor and Rob

The whole crew came out

My friend Winter aka Mommy Dearest

Trevor and Marta

Since I clearly had this coming to me (right Camelia?), karma stepped in and I was "volun-told" to go on the stage along with 5 other women. You have to do a number of crazy things, including drinking copius amounts of tequila poppers, having a young Mexican waiter give you a pseudo lap dance (with clothes on, of course) and after doing the tequila shots, they do this to you (video shot by Mike):

Trevor and Thomas also had to go up when it was the boys turn. I also have this on video if anyone wants a copy sent to them. I am not going to publish it here since this is a PG site!

Thanks for the great visit guys! I miss you.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh-i think i'd be dizzy for days if they did that to me. both your dad and trevor are very handsome. good looks must run in the family since you're very pretty.

glad your foot is healing and that you are now able to get around.

take care,
teresa in lake stevens, wa.

BoBo's Mom said...

Haha!! Karma bites eh?!?! It was definitely more fun to watch :)

My Way said...

Trevor is cute. Shhhh. *blushes*

You look great too except you know....generally I like boys.


New Beginnings said...

Teresa and My Way -thanks for the kind words. I think my brother's head may be a little big now after all those compliments!

Bobo's Mom - Yes, I thought you might enjoy that little bit of retribution! I was dizzy for a very long time.....

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