Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dogs like to spoon too!

I could not believe it when I found them like this!

What are you laughing at? So, I like to snuggle!

So, it is that time of year again for the dogs to be de-wormed. My vet recommends I give the dogs pills to kill any worms/parasites they may have every 3 months. And apparently us humans here in Mexico should do the same once or twice a year. I guess that we could have amoebas or parasites and not even exhibit symptoms. So, a few days ago, the three of us all took our de-worming medicine. Hopefully, we are all now worm and parasite free!


Chrissy and Keith said...

oh, how precious is that?

My Way said...

What did you take? I recommend Daxon.

Anonymous said...

good idea on the anti parasite/amoeba meds. you could have parasites without knowing but i think amoebas are pretty obvious. my son got them last year and he was terribly ill with diarrhea for about 10 days. even after taking the meds, it took a while for him to get well. so, better to prevent them by taking the meds in advance. and my advice, don't eat raw clams-that's how he got so sick.

glad to see you're posting more often-i always enjoy your entries. cute doggie pix.


New Beginnings said...

My Way - I do not remember the name. I think it started with a V - Vermox? I could be completely wrong. Thanks for the recommendation. I will try that one next time.

Teresa - thanks! A friend of mine got tested in a routine check up and found out she had both ameobas and parasites even though she felt pretty good.

BoBo's Mom said...

Haha!! TOO cute!! As if Jackson is too embarrassed to turn his head around.