Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pippi is that you?

No, that is just the orange in my hair after an unsuccessful attempt at highlights. I went for a haircut and highlights to my usual guy. However, this is the first time I have asked for highlights/color here in Mexico. I THOUGHT I had asked him (in Spanish) for two different color highlights - one was a caramel color and the other was an auburn color. I wanted both colors, but alternating. I clearly must have been in a fog because halfway through the process of him putting in the foils, I noticed there was only one bowl of highlight color. I asked him where the other color was. He was confused and replied that he had mixed the two colors together. ARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGH! Panic ensued but all I could do was wait and see. He kept assuring me it would be a beautiful color. When the foils came off, all I kept saying was OMG. He said to that I was just not used to the change and to go home and see how I felt the next day. Well, since then, I have been in a ball cap! And every time I look in the mirror, I almost have a heart attack.

Now, I definitely take responsibility for the communication error. I am also going to have to step up my Spanish studying. But what do I do now? I have tried calling him to set up another appt to change it. I think he is still on vacation for Semana Santa OR maybe he is just avoiding me! Any suggestions?

Oh, and by the way, the picture really does not do the color justice. It is a bright, coppery orange color.


My Way said...

I've got news for you....it's not your Spanish. Seriously....only get your hair done back home or find an expat hair dresser.

You truly are better off doing highlights with an at home kit and a cap.

I would just go buy a box of hair color and fix it yourself but if you're brave enough....go for it!

I've had enough nightmares to know that I trust myself better.

You don't need a license to cut hair in Mexico....or teach it...so just imagine....

Chrissy and Keith said...

Well, bummer. You could probably cover it pretty easy with a rinse. I have had good luck with box color in Mexico. Last time I got a box was in Melaque.

Anonymous said...

you're blessed with beautiful hair! why mess with it? i'm totally gray and i will keep it that way, but to each his own. good luck getting it to look how you want.


did you read steve cotton's blog on march 30th? there's a picture there of him, cynthia, mike and me when we had dinner on my visit to salem. hard to believe steve is heading to mexico tomorrow. time has just flown.

New Beginnings said...

Thanks for the advice everyone. But seriously, this is not the end of the world....at least I am now laughing about it enough to make fun of myself for all to see!

Teresa - I probably won't mess with my hair again! Just wanted a change, that's all. And yes, I did read his blog on that day. Great photo.

Steve Cotton said...

Well, you wanted to fit into the community. What could be more local than comic book hair?

Anonymous said...

Those are pretty big highlights! I wouldn't go back to get them fixed or you could be in real big trouble. Look for a semi- permanent rinse in the store some thing that says it washes out in 6 weeks. Try a neutral ash dark blonde and only leave on half the time they say, if that doesn't change it enough do again. This should just calm down the orange a bit, still showing the highlights. Make sure it's not a permanent color. How's it going other than hair problems? I will try to skype you soon! Wendy

laniecat said...

See Tel, WEndy is telling you exactly what I said! Even though we were shamammered at the time I still knew what I was talking about! Ha ha ha!!! LOVE the photo.. and you know... now that you have washed it a few times, I bet it doesnt look too bad... until you step out in the sun! HA ha ha!!!
MIss ya!