Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yoga class and a sense of well-being

I am so glad that I went to yoga the other night. I felt like a different person after that class and am still feeling the benefits. The majority of this class we worked with partners in many compromising positions (that had a few of the men giggling). It was a fantastic workout and my muscles are still sore a few days later. I kept apologizing to my partner as I was sweating profusely and many of the postures we had to be in very close proximity to one another or practically on top of each other. The young Mexican woman who was my partner was very gracious and kept telling me not to worry, it was not a problem, but I was mortified as I had never sweat so much in my life! Even though it was 7pm at night, the weather was still very hot (around 28 degrees Celsius) with no breeze whatsoever and extremely high humidity. Even a few of the locals were sweating in this class although many never even broke a sweat as they are acclimatized to the weather. It was one of the best workouts I have had in a long long time and there was a great meditation circle at the end. That night, I had the best sleep I have had since I arrived in Mexico. I love this class and cannot wait for the next one. The centre where I take my yoga is called "Centro de Desarrollo Holistico - Luz de Crystal". They also have many other educational classes covering a wide array of topics, including nutrition, holistic medicine, energy healing, etc. They also have massage therapy, reiki, and many other alternative therapies. The energy in the centre is amazing and I always feel so much better after I leave. They also have sweat lodges which I would like to try sometime.

Friday night, Debbie, Ron and their two dogs along with my dogs, went down near the port for a walk as the sun was starting to set. I had never been down to this beach before. It was very relaxing and the dogs had a great time. Jackson was chasing the crabs along the rocks and Jade followed him everywhere as though she was his shadow.

Here is a photo of Ron and Debbie and their two dogs Mandy and Chance. Mandy is the cocker and came from Canada. She is the princess of the pack. Chance is the black lab mix that they rescued off the streets. The poor thing had a broken leg when Debbie came upon her one day. After a surgery to fix her leg among some other vaccinations and medicines, Chance is now doing wonderfully and loves her new home.

Chance - isn't he handsome? You would never have known this was once a starving street dog with a broken leg!

Here is Miss Jade who is standing still for once! Typically she does not stop moving or chasing the other dogs. The vet estimates she is approximately one year old. She has more energy than one can imagine!

Here is Debbie playing fetch with Jackson. The sunset was pretty spectacular that night.

Thanks to Debbie and Ron for a great evening!

And here is a photo of Jade taking Jackson for a walk. Who do you think is the alpha in this pack?

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Steve Cotton said...

The sunsets this weekend must have been spectacular. Several Pacific coast bloggers have commented on them.