Thursday, August 7, 2008

So many questions....

Many of you have been asking me questions about many things here in Manzanillo, so I will try to answer them all here. Note: these are prices here in Santiago village. From what I understand, the prices may be different in other neighborhoods.

Prices (in Canadian equivalent $):

Case of Sol or Corona beer (20 bottles) - $12.00
Pedicure- $10.00
Manicure (using acrylics) - $10.00
Unfurnished very basic Mexican style house (2-3 bedrooms) - $150.00 - $250.00 per month. Note: this does not include appliances
Fresh fish - Dorado or Mahi Mahi to feed 4 people - $5.00. Note that this is the most expensive fish here right now. Red Snapper or other fish are cheaper
Internet cafe - $2.00 per hour
Average desktop computer - $1,000.00 Electronics are very expensive here compared to Canada

Most of my shopping I do in the local mercado (market). Here you can find very fresh produce, fresh fish, beef and pork butchers for incredibly cheap prices. I basically go down to the Santiago market each day and purchase what i need. For other items like milk or speciality items, I go to the supermarket (Soriana or Commercial). There is also a super centre Wal-Mart here that was recently opened in the past year.

A few of you have also been asking about the weather. I have the current Manzanillo weather here on my blog (on the left hand side) so you can see what the temperature is. The important thing to note about the weather is the "Real Feel"...what the temperature feels like with the humidity. Bottom line is that it is freakin hot!!!!!

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Steve Cotton said...

The most difficult budget item for me has been food. I am just doing to have to be a better shopper.