Friday, August 22, 2008

Laying low

I have not been feeling great the last few days so I have spent most of that time in bed. I started feeling better this afternoon so decided to head out to the market and pick up my laundry and get some fresh air. I took Jackson along for the walk, and the new street dog that has been living on my porch came along also. I have been feeding her and giving her medicine for her many problems. She is doing so much better... have managed to get rid of all her ticks and her eye infection is getting much better. We will see the vet next week and I will have him check her out completely. Even though she is quite big, she is definitely a pup....she loves to play and chews on everything. I have also named her....she is now Jade.

On our way back from the market, we got caught in a wicked rain storm. We found some cover and I thought I would wait it out. We waited quite some time before I finally called my neighbor and she kindly drove down and picked us up.

After the storm was over, I needed to get out for some more exercise. I took both dogs and headed out for a long walk. Here are some photos. We walked along the main street on the one way, and walked the beach on our way back. The beach was pretty much deserted other than the usual surfers and fishermen.


Brenda said...

Glad you're feeling better.
Jade looks like one happy dog now that she has a family.

Mexico "Way" said...

Great name for the pup. She must have told you what it was because it's THAT perfect.

Calypso said...

Your new puppy sure looks like she has some Great Dane in her - better start saving up for the food bill ;-)

BoBo's Mom said...

Yup...those are definitely Great Dane paws. Are you sure you only need two med bags of kibble?? Looks like you'll need a whole truck load!!

P.S. One more week....can't wait!!!

New Beginnings said...

Yes, it will be interesting to see how old the vet estimates she is. By her playfulness and clumsiness, she seems very young. But yet, she is quite big already. She is eating alot right now - might have to start working earlier than planned!

Mexico Way - yeah, I took one look at her and Jade came immediately to mind.