Friday, August 15, 2008

Making new friends

I still do not have wireless hooked up at the new house but I am hoping by next week, I can update on a more regular basis. So please be patient with me.......I will stay more in touch and connected with all of you then.

A big thanks to everyone for the phone calls, texts, e-mails. I am so amazed by the support out there and feel so lucky for having the most amazing friends in the world!

I have managed to meet many of my neighbors on my street and the next one over. So far, everyone has been very friendly and very welcoming. Last night, one of my neighbors invited me, Jackson and my friend that is visiting to come over for drinks and a swim in the pool. They are actually from Canada about an hour away from where I lived! What a small world. We had a great time and Jackson played with their two dogs and had his first pool experience which he loved!


Brenda said...

Glad you are settling in and getting comfortable. Things will get easier the longer you are there.

Steve Cotton said...

I have been holding back on posting because I did not want to intrude. I wish you the best. Hang in there. The adventure is still that -- an adventure -- and you have a great group of friends out there offering moral support. Besides, Jiggs loves hearing that Jackson is having a great time. He is also happy that he now has made connections with BoBo.

New Beginnings said...

Thanks for the well wishes Steve and Brenda - much appreciated!