Monday, August 18, 2008

Vets, puppies and iguanas

Today, we had our first appointment with a local veteranarian who was recommended to me from my neighbors. I asked him where his office was located and he told me not to worry, he will come to the house! How cool is that! He came over to the house this morning and went over all of Jackson's vaccinations and general prevention information. He offered to come back later today with some heartworm medication. And, if you can believe it, the vet consultation was no charge. He would not accept any money.

Here is a photo of Jackson chilling on the balcony before the vet came.

Then I went down with my neighbor to feed a pregnant street dog a few blocks away and we discovered she had 10 puppies! They will try and and give as many pups as they can away to loving homes but apparently many will not find homes and will die(like her last litter). I have fallen in love with a few of them and we will try and circulate their photos around town to try and find homes for them. Once they are old enough, I will likely end up with one of the cuties. Here are some photos of mom and pups.

My other neighbor had rescued a street dog last week and it had pups also. Several of the pups died but 4 survived and 3 need homes. Here is a photo of mom and pups. I also have a photo of a funky looking iguana that was bugging the one street dog.


Mexico "Way" said...

Oh lordy. I have three and you are just getting started! Good luck saying no! lol.

New Beginnings said...

Mexico Way - yeah, I hear ya. I already told my neighbor that I am going to need a larger apartment!!! I talked to my vet tonight and he said there is no animal shelter here either.