Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thanks to everyone for their support!

My brother wrote me a farewell letter that really touched my heart and made the floodgates open. I feel so incredibly blessed to have his support. I have told a few of you about the letter and with his permission, I have posted a portion of it here:

"I think your move south is something that many ppl talk about throughout their lifetime without ever achieving it. You have already done well for yourself and a new path will present a new challenge, one I'm certain you are up for. Mexico is a dear place to all of us and we owe that to Mom for introducing it without prejudice which has allowed us to see it for what it truly is. Luckily, we have been fortunate to establish dear relationships throughout our travels which gladly will be a source of comfort to you while you're down there. Remember, however, that I am an internet click away or even a phone call as well. I will from the time you leave, be living vicariously through your adventures with the hope of one day doing the same thing. Life is truly short as we all know too well and thus, I am proud and glad that you are able to see past the cliche and turn the concept around into an actionable adventure; one that will be a source of inspiration not only to your closest friends but to your immediate family as well. Too often, we superimpose society's practical axis onto our own life forgetting along the way what it means to live and be happy. I am confident and jealous that you have seen passed that and will now focus on achieving self fulfillment and happiness.

Reading your blog the other day reminded me of the day I moved out of my house and the memories that I cherished while there. These are emotional moments indeed, however, your desired end state will bring with it new memories to add to an already extensive collection. From the time you leave, there won't be a day that passes without me wondering how your 'new' life is progressing. I want you to know that I love you lots and will be thinking about all the good times we have had together, not just in Calgary, but throughout Canada, the US (Oakland and Vegas) and of course our crazy adventures in Spain. Luckily, there will be more to add which means more laughs.

Have a safe trip down there and know that I am going to miss you".

Thanks for the support my dear brother and thanks to everyone else who have supported me and this move. At times, I have and continue to feel incredibly overwhelmed. However, knowing that I have the support of my friends and family makes this transition so much easier.

I am feeling very nostalgic today and missing all of you. I am sending my love and hugs and kisses!

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