Friday, May 15, 2009

Summer, here already?

What? No, it can't be. But some random thoughts that tell me it is right around the corner:

• when running into friends, the first thing they ask is "wow, it is hot, right"? Formed as a question with the emphasis on "right"....secretly hoping that someone will tell them they are crazy and it is not yet time for 3 shower min days.

• you start sweating as soon as you wake up and the sun has not even risen yet. Showering seems to be of no use and the cold tap just never seems to produce water quite cool enough.

• you see frogs hopping across the road and other critters emerging from the bush

• people's hair appear to be getting bigger and more unruly each day. Ok, that is just my hair, but you know what I mean.

• you start planning your activities around the possibility of air conditioning.

• you sweep the floor and discover you have another pet in the house. Oh, wait, that is just a giant hair ball and yep, still only have the two dogs.

• you start to wonder if you are experiencing early-menopause and ask yourself if these are the hot flashes your mom was always telling you about.

But it can't be......RIGHT?


Chrissy and Keith said...

I know. Summer happened here over night last week. I am looking forward to being in Nayarit next week, at least there is a chance for rain and the temps are in the 80's. It has been over 102 here the last few days.

Bobo said...

It can't be.....we are just starting to get spring weather here.

Nancy Mehegan said...

What kind of dog is your larger one? It looks like my dog Fredreika (the love of my life) who was from Florida originally.

By the way, visit my blog to see a post about retirees in Puerto Vallarta:

Steve Cotton said...

I am glad you wrote the post. I was beginning to think I was shifting into reverse acclimatization mode. Watching the relative humidity rise is a clue that summer is here. And where is that promised rain for this week?

New Beginnings said...

Chrissy - yes, it has arrived here over night as well and has been between 30 - 35 Celcius and the humidity seems to be rising every day.

Camelia - as echoed by other friends from the north!

Nancy - I have no idea what kind of dog the large one is other than she is from Mexico and was living on the streets when she came into my life. Probably a mix of many! Thanks for the link - I will check it out.

Steve - I guess the 3 shower min day begins earlier than usual.

John from LA said...

Hola New Beginnings!

How's it going in the HOT HOT HOT!
Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I'm pulling for you with all you're doing. I admire what you're doing down there following your heart.

Glad you're healing and going to the beach again. That is some of the best medicine in the world.

You had an earlier post about your hair color. What ever happened with that? LOL!

I go surfing south of Tecoman a couple times a year. I'll stop in and have a few beers with you the next time I pass through from Punta Mita.

Take care, John from LA(I'm the one that also has my mother looking over me like you!)

New Beginnings said...

Hey John - thanks for your support, I really appreciate it.

As for the hair, I had planned to give it a week or so before I did anything about it. In fact, I must admit, I was a little scared to mess with it. Get this, in a week the color had been bleached by the sun (from all the walking I do) and the color changed dramatically. The new color is basically one of the two colors I had originally asked for! *Sigh* what a relief!

Your mom - I know Mother's Day must have been hard for was a tough day for me. John, we are now lucky to have angels in our lives, right?