Monday, May 18, 2009

Cultural differences

Many of you have been asking me about my love life - or more specifically, do I have one?? I will say that yes, I am back in the intrepid dating scene BUT have decided not to get into details on my blog at this point. Even though I have decided not to comment on these details, I have decided to share a few cultural differences that make dating here in Mexico (in my opinion) refreshing and always interesting!

1. Mexican guys LOVE to dance and are so incredibly good at it. In my dating experience so far, this is often on the list of potential date options. It is just so refreshing to meet guys that actually love and WANT to dance. Finding a guy that likes to dance back home is a rare thing indeed. For those of you that have such a treasure in your life, make sure and tell them, thank you! I seem to remember the typical scene in Canada with only girls on the dance floor (none of the guys could be coerced into dancing)!

2. Chivalry is not even close to dead here. When walking on the street or sidewalks, they will move you to the inside, away from traffic. They almost always open doors for you, they will stand up when you leave the table or room , they will insist on carrying ALL your groceries and bags, and they almost have cardiac arrest if you suggest splitting the bill, let alone paying for it. I must say that I particularly enjoy the chivalry part of the so-called machismo culture here.

3. When meeting men here, I have discovered they will promise the sun, moon and stars to try and please you. For example, the other night I met a young man and we were chatting for quite some time when he pulled out his package of cigarettes and asked me if I wanted one. I responded "no thank you, I do not smoke". At this point, he declared (quite dramatically) that that particular cigarette would be his LAST one…..EVER. I am certainly not naive enough to think that he will stick to this promise, but I found it quite amusing, nonetheless. To my single friends in Canada - can you even imagine a Cdn guy doing this?

Side note: practically EVERYONE smokes here. The majority of my group of friends smoke (both foreign and Mexican) and it is much more socially acceptable than back in Canada.


My Way said...

Ahhh yes. The good stuff is quite good isn't it?

I'll just keep my mouth shut about the bad stuff. LOL.

1st Mate said...

There does seem to be a lot to like about Mexican men. When I grew up in South Texas I was raised to be wary of them, but in my three years here I've found them eager to please, thoughtful and patient with my Spanish. When I imagine how a typical gringo male would behave in the States, with a Mexican woman, I suspect it wouldn't be such a pleasant experience for her. Can't speak for Canadians (all the Canadians I know are married).

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Great observations!

New Beginnings said...

Thanks for all your comments - will keep you posted on any other observations.

Laniecat said...

Ha ha ha great comments.. however I do have to challenge you on one particular point. There was ALWAYS ONE man who was up there and dancing.. I believe it was named "The Johnny Dance". Need I say more?? Ha ha ha ha

Oh and side point.. if you take up smoking, I will come over there and kick your lilly ass!!!!!!!