Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In memory of my Mom

Yesterday would have been my mom's 55th birthday. I decided to go down to her final resting place here in Manzanillo where we scattered her ashes. I spent the morning down there with the dogs and thought about her, her life, all the things I loved about her and how much I miss her everyday. I thought about all the wonderful memories, including 10 years of fun times here in Manzanillo on our vacations.

Jade and Jackson playing in the ocean near Mom's final resting place

Jackson taking a break from fetch (Mom loved him and would call him her "granddog")

Mom, my brother Trevor, and mom's good friend Wendy in San Francisco for her surprise 50th birthday present. We took her to see her favorite baseball team - The Toronto Blue Jays in Oakland. What a fun weekend!

Mom sitting by the pool on our trip to Mazatlan

Trevor and Mom

Diane, Bev, Linda, me, Mom, Joan and Barb in Manzanillo

Mom in Comala, Mexico giving a present to a young Mexican boy


Steve Cotton said...

Two very special posts in a row. Thank you for sharing both of them.

New Beginnings said...

Thanks Steve - glad you enjoyed them. I am also very happy to hear that Jiggs is doing really well.