Sunday, October 19, 2008

I am back!

No, I have not dropped off the face of the earth. I have received several e-mails wondering why I have been MIA. I apologize for worrying you and being a delinquent blogger. One of the main reasons I have not blogged in the last few weeks was that I had another visitor here in Manzanillo! Another reason was that my landlord moved the modem upstairs to the house that my apartment is connected to and unfortunately, my internet connection is shoddy at best now. I am looking into getting my own modem....until then, my internet connection seems to be hit and miss. I promise I will be back to my usual blogging and will try and make it up to you.

Back to my visitor....Alex phoned me one morning and informed me he was at the airport and on his way here! He arrived that night which was a wonderful surprise! We had a fantastic time while he was here and I have alot to write about. He had been talking about coming back to Manzanillo for a visit (he was here in August) but it was not looking good with his work and business travel schedule. And then surprise - he was on his way! It truly was wonderful timing as I had been feeling quite blue so his visit did wonders for my spirits.

We managed to pack in alot of activities while he was here and we were out of town for part of it. I will dedicate the next few blogs to filling you in on all our adventures.

When he first arrived, we spent the first few days just relaxing. We were able to hang out at the condo complex I used to vacation at and swam in the pool, boogie boarded in the ocean, played cards, etc.

We are both fairly competitive at pretty much everything we do so even our games of cribbage got a little extreme with trash talking and the like. I am now the current reigning cribbage champion!

One of the highlights was the surfing lessons we did on Olas Altas beach in Santiago. It was on both of our "bucket lists" and we decided to try it while he was here. We took lessons with Ricardo from Bora's and he and his friend were good instructors. It was an absolute blast and we loved it. We both managed to get up on our boards several times(which was fantastic as according to our instructors, many people can not even get to a standing position their first time). Unfortunately, I have no photographic evidence of us surfing, so you are just going to have to take my word for it! We both had some spectacular wipeouts but managed to survive the experience, although exhausted and incredibly sore for the next few days. I have a new found respect for surfers and their level of physical fitness.

We also went out to several friends houses for dinner or drinks. Here is the view from my friend's house in Las Hadas. What a beautiful sunset that night.

Stay tuned for more of our adventures....


Anonymous said...

so glad to hear that you had such a wonderful time with your friend and that all is well. i really was beginning to worry about you. thought about e-mailing you just this morning but decided to hold off.

have a great week!

teresa in wa.

Steve Cotton said...

Strange that Teresa would comment as she did. I was thinking the same thing. Amazing how tight this community is. Have you heard from Bobo's Mom lately? She has not posted on my blog lately -- even with the Jiggs updates.

Glad to see you back on line. UI am waiting for your tales of the week.

Laniecat said...

Bout time you got back on line Missy!!! I was gonna have to pack up hubby and puppy and come hunt you down!!
Did A give you your gift from us? Or did he a) eat them, b) have to throw them out coz they melted. Hope you got them alright!
Good to see you are back! Had us worried.
Keep in touch hunny bunches.. We are too far away and need to be in the electronic loop! Ha ha ha!!

Love you!!!
Lanie and JOhn and baby K

New Beginnings said...

Teresa - so sorry to have worried you. I am catching up on all my e-mails so will send you a note shortly.

Lanie - Yes, I received your gift from Alex. Thank you so MUCH! Hmmmmm, love love love the Tim Tams. They were so yummy - I even shared them with Alex and now he is addicted also.
I am really sorry to have worried you. Will chat with you soon.

New Beginnings said...

Steve - yes, you are right about the community. Thanks for your concern. I have in fact talked to Bobo's Mom - she is out of town right now so that would explain why she has not read your recent posts. I have not had a chance to read your blog either and will be catching up on my reading this week. Is everything ok with Jiggs?

Steve Cotton said...

Jiggs is doing amazingly well. I think he welcomes the cooler weather.