Saturday, October 25, 2008

Adventures with Alex

While Alex was here, we were invited to a restaurant opening in Las Hadas near the marina called Frida's. It was a great way to meet some new people, both expats and locals alike. It was a very young hip crowd and we had alot of fun.

Alex, Wayo, Chelsea, and Kris

Alex showing his feminine side with my friend Chelsea!

That day, Alex and I were trying to decide whether we were going to do a trip to Guadalajara the next day for some sight-seeing. I had dog care lined up already. However, after talking to some locals we discovered that there was a tropical storm in the area and it would likely be raining cats and dogs there. As such, we decided to change our plans and go somewhere else the following day. However, we had not yet decided where to go. At the restaurant, friends Kris and Renee were telling us about Boca de Iguanas, an eco hotel and resort in Costalegre approximately one hour from Manzanillo near the town of La Manzanilla. It is a resort owned by friends Renee and Rob and they invited us to come out there to check it out. Kris and Renee were also heading out there so we were able to catch a ride out there with Kris.

Alex and Kris's dog (a dog rescue from the street) on the way out to Boca.........somebody was tired from the night before!

Boca de Iguanas is an amazing place! It is a little piece of paradise. There are two cabanas right on the beach and 10 other rooms in the hotel portion that are all designed a little differently. Our room was amazing.......our bathroom was open air concept with bamboo above the shower and tub. It was one of the most amazing and unique places I have ever been to. From our hotel room, we would walk through mangroves to get to the pool and the beach. In the mangroves, we saw large iguanas, spiders, egrets, and even crocodiles!

Walking through the mangroves on the way to the beach

One of the resident crocodiles

The infinity pool on the beach

Alex had fallen through his chair by the pool! After laughing and getting my photo op, I finally helped him out of the chair!

Alex enjoying a cerveza by the pool

Beach shots

The beach was beautiful and we had it all to ourselves until the last day

We were originally only going to stay for one night as Debi was looking after the dogs. However, once we were there, we fell in love with this beautiful place and phoned Debi to see if she would keep the dogs for one more night. She graciously said yes, and we stayed in paradise yet another day. Our last day there was turkey for us!

On our last day, there was a film crew there. Apparently, the reality show "Paradise Hotel" from Denmark was there filming for a few days.

Thanks to Renee, Rob and Kris for a fantastic weekend! And a big thanks to Debi and Ron for looking after my babies. It was their first time away from me here in Mexico and they had a fabulous time! Here are a few photos from their sleepover. They were in paradise also swimming in the pool, playing in their big yard,etc. I don't think they wanted to come home either!

Jade had fallen in the pool by accident while chasing the other dogs - she is definitely not in there because she wants to be!


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