Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hongos - part 2

If you recall from a previous post, I mentioned all the animals ended up with hongos - aka ringworm (it is a common fungal infection especially in hot and humid climates). Apparently, the cats transmitted this to the dogs - Jade was covered in them and Jackson ended up with only 2 spots. Well, I guess it should not come as a surprise that I ended up with them also! Grrrr....I discovered this spot on my body last week that was perfectly round and looks like someone put out a cigar on my arm. My friend took one look at it and told me I had "hongos". She knew this because she recently contracted them from some puppies she adopted off the street. I later confirmed this with a doctor. So, I have about 10 spots all over my body and am currently undergoing treatment. Ha - just have to use topical medicine but the itching is driving me crazy. Living in a zoo with 6 animals has it's consequences! For those of you unfamiliar with ringworm, don't worry, there are no actual worms involved. The name comes from the fact that, originally, people believed that the infection came from a worm. Although it was later concluded that it did not, the name has stuck.

As for the cats, I still have all 4 of them. A few people have expressed interest but still have not done anything about it - even with my constant pestering. I really hope they will be adopted soon as they are very mischevious and love to climb on things and knock things over (like my friend's TV and my modem).

On a more positive note, my new furniture arrives on Saturday from Colima! I am very excited and will take photos.

Oh, and guess what I found in my backyard yesterday.....a TARANTULA. It was big and scary and you will just have to take my word for it as I was not sticking around to take a photo!


Steve Cotton said...

Considering all of his ailments, I am surprisedthat Jiggs has not contracted ring worm. The way he is sticking around, he still could. He is doing fine, but he is having trouble getting up again.

Chrissy y Keith said...

Ok, not to worry. I first had this fungi when I adopted my kitten 30 year ago. I called the ve, he was nice enough to tell me just to treat myself with the same drugs. it worked fine. I am less than careful with food or environment, so I deal with this same thing from time to time. In fact I picked it up again from the local Swim park. no big deal I treat it topically and it goes away. Once you have had it, you can spot it right away.

Julian in SC said...

Ah, the joys of living in paradise!! Hope you get cleared up soon.

My wife didn't like it that I let a Tarantula crawl on me at the Belize Zoo last year!! LOL

Seriously, I have enjoyed following your blog and look forward to seeing how things go as you settle in to life in Mexico.