Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And then there were six....

animals, that is. I currently have 6 animals in my house. It is a good thing I have no furniture yet - my house is becoming an animal shelter! My friend Sandra found 4 baby kittens abandoned in a puddle in front of her house on the day the hurricane passed through. She took them in to look after them until she could find a home for them. A week later, she had to go to Mexico City for work so she asked me to take them until a home can be found.

They like to play and sleep on my suitcases!

I was a little concerned at first as Jackson is terrible around cats. He basically goes into hunting mode and terrorizes the poor things. The first few days were definitely a challenge but since then, both Jackson and Jade have come to accept them. Jackson is now indifferent and aloof as he was with Jade in the beginning. Jade, on the other hand, is very curious and tries to play with them. Unfortunately, she is like a bull in a china shop and does not realize that her paws are almost bigger than the cats are! The cats were terrified of the dogs the first few days but since then have become very comfortable and love to play with Jade and her tail.

Hmmmmmm, what is this tiny thing?

Mom, can we keep him?

It has been a week so far but still no homes have been found. We have posted their photos on the animal adoption website here in Manzanillo along with a few other websites. For all my Manzanillo readers, please tell all your contacts so we can find these precious kitties a home. They are still pretty tiny but are growing like weeds. They still fit in the palm of your hand. They are fully potty trained and are full of energy.


Chrissy y Keith said...

ah oh, looks like you are the newest "cat woman" in town. They are adorable. I think Steve needs a kitten.

Steve Cotton said...

You Know Who would have a fit. On the other hand, he is rumored to sleep with birds.

New Beginnings said...

I agree Chrissy - Steve should take a cat.

Steve - I thought my dogs would have a fit also but after a day or so, it was a non-issue. I think it is because they are so tiny.

Todd said...

Over the 3 years we have been in Mexico, we have rescued 3 kittens that we put up for adoption.

We now have three cats.

As the borg would say, resistance is futile!


Mic said...

Love these pictures!!!....especially the one of the dog with kitten between arms :-) ....adorable expression on the dog getting the kitty kiss :-)

New Beginnings said...

Mic and Todd - I am not even a cat person and I am seriously considering keeping one! They are just too cute!