Friday, February 13, 2009

More visitors

The new year has been busy and full of wonderful moments with good friends. I have been very lucky to have have had two sets of visitors already this year. As mentioned in my previous post, my good friends Barb and John from Seattle came to visit, along with a surprise visit from her two sons on her birthday. A matter of days after they left, my good friend Tara came to visit for one week. She is a very good friend of mine and we used to be roommates at one point also. We had a blast while she was here. I took her to as many of my favorite places as possible and we packed in alot of activities while she was here.

Here she is with her new favorite drink - the infamous lime margarita. "But I hate tequila" she says to me before trying the drink. Clearly, this is not the case anymore Tara!

One of the highlights was boogie boarding in some of the big waves on Olas Altas beach. It was Tara's first time but she was a complete natural. I, on the other hand, in my typical accident prone fashion, decided to take on a wave much too big for me and proceeded to smash my face into my board on the way in. Luckily, there were no black eyes or bruises....just a not so subtle reminder of the power of the ocean!

We also did a day trip to La Manzanilla with the dogs and walked from La Manzanilla to Boca de Iguanas - the amazing hotel/resort at the far end of the beach. It took us about an hour to walk there and then we stopped and had some lunch and cervezas before making the trek back.

Here is Jackson also enjoying the view while we ate lunch on the beach at Boca de Iguanas

How come you guys get the good drinks and I only get water?

While Tara was here, so many people asked us whether we were sisters. In fact, one man asked us if we were twins! He was a twin and said our resemblance was uncanny and he was surprised that we were not twins, let alone sisters.

All in all, it was a week chocked full of laughs, fun in the sun and some crazy nights out with all my friends. We did have one bad experience though. We went out for what I had hoped to be a nice send off dinner. The view was specatular and we enjoyed the evening up until about 2am when we both quickly discovered we had food poisoning. Imagine two girls violently ill with only ONE bathroom. It was quite the night. Fortunately, I had these chinese herbs that are meant for this very purpose, but had only been used to combat hangovers in the past. We decided to give them a try and after we took them, there were no more trips to the bathroom for either of us! Hallelujah......they are miracle pills and I was so happy to have them. Thanks to my good friend in Calgary for recommending them in the first place. They were a lifesaver!

The view from the restaurant

Post Super Bowl party festivities with my friend Mike (another canuck)

I was very sad to see Tara week is way too short but we packed in as much as we possibly good. Thanks Tara for coming and all the lovely goodies you brought from Canada. Red licorice......hmmmm, they are almost gone! The dogs love the treats and I cannot wait to read all the English books you brought.

Guess what....I have more visitors coming! My brother Trevor comes next Friday and he will be here for 2 weeks! Also, my dad and his girlfriend are coming next Saturday. I am very happy and full of anticipation as this is the first time my family has come to visit since I made the move here.

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Steve Cotton said...

The La Manzanilla beach walk is one of my favorite activities in the world. It holds a lot of memories for me. What agreat place to share with afriend -- twin or not.