Thursday, January 29, 2009

In remembrance

Since returning from Canada, I have been busy here in Manzanillo looking for a new place to live, catching up with friends and getting back into the swing of things. My internet has been down at my house for the last several weeks hence the reason for being incommunicado. I am working on a long term solution so I hope to be connected again soon. Also, I had some friends come visit from Seattle for two weeks and they just left yesterday. My friends Barb and John along with their two sons Dave and Jeff came and we had a wonderful time together.

The Thompson family

Barb and John were here on January 23, which was the anniversary of my mother's death. On that day, Julio, the gardener from the condos we used to vacation at, cut and gathered a bunch of fresh bougainvillea flowers to spread near my mom's final resting place. John and Barb had offered to come with me and went to the market to pick up some other flowers. They asked me if there were any specific flowers that I wanted. I thought that the flowers the gardener was gathering for me would be sufficient but then at the last minute asked them for an orange gerber daisy. When I arrived at the condos to meet up with Barb and John, Julio had the flowers ready for me in a bucket. Directly in the middle of the all the beautiful bougainvillea flowers was a single orange gerber daisy.

Barb and John had not yet come down from to meet me so I assumed that this was the gerber daisy that I had asked for. When they came down, I showed them the flowers and thanked them for the gerber daisy. They were quite confused and said that no, they had not in fact put the daisy in with Julio's flowers. They had purchased a full bouquet of gerber daisies, including an orange one as I had requested. When they went to show me the bouquet, to all of our amazement, the orange one was missing. The stem was still there, but it had apparently fallen off on their way up to their condo. Julio must have discovered the daisy on the ground and put it in the center of the flowers he had cut. We were all quite astonished and dumbstruck when we discovered that the one specific flower I had asked them for ended up in the flower arrangement without intending for that to happen. One might say that my mom's spirit was very much present for such a thing to happen. I like to think so. It was a beautiful moment and to this day, I still get goosebumps when I think of that moment. I have had a few other moments like this here in Manzanillo. It gives me a sense of peace that I feel her spirit with me.

We walked down the beach to my mom's final resting place and after some tears and me saying a few words of remembrance, I spread the flowers in the water. It was a picture perfect day and I felt very blessed to be able to be here, and secondly to have my dear friends Barb and John with me. They are like family to me and have been and are very supportive in my life.

Mom's final resting place

When I think of my Mom, there is one thing that immediately comes to mind and that was her passion for life and her ability to live each and every moment to the fullest. Mom had so many amazing qualities but this particular one has truly inspired me and is one of the biggest things I will take away with me in my life. So many people live their lives in robot mode, going through the motions, not really present in their lives. This was definitely not the case with Mom. She lived each and every moment to the fullest. When I think of Mom and the legacy she has left behind, I think of her amazing spirit, how vibrant she was and how many lives she has touched.

Another special thing happened on this day. My good friend Renee had a healthy baby boy! This beautiful moment reminds me of the circle of life.


amyinbc said...

Your mom's zest for life is inspiring. Sorry to hear of your loss.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Lovely tribute ...

New Beginnings said...

Amy and Amer. Mommy - thanks so much for your kind words.