Monday, February 16, 2009

J&J update

A few of you have been asking about Jackson and Jade so here are a few shots and a quick update.

While I was in Canada for Christmas, friends Shelley and Lance looked after the dogs here in Manzanillo. They also have a dog, an adorable golden retriever who is 6 years old. Even though she was the oldest of the three dogs, she and Jade became fast friends and played non-stop.

Here she is being pinned by Jade at the end of one of their rambunctious wrestling sessions.

Jade is still very much a puppy and has far more energy than I ever remember Jackson having when he was young. Every day, she brings a smile to my face with some goofy maneuver or spectular wipeout. In La Manzanilla, when Tara and I were there, we went for a swim while we were walking with the dogs. For the first time ever, Jade went in over her head and swam out to join us! Coming from a dog that would not even get her paws wet, seeing her swim for the first time was a very special moment.

You gotta love those crazy "Yoda" ears!

As for Jackson, he is doing great. He loves our daily trips to the beach and puts up with Jade's crazy antics. As always, he is very independent and trys to keep to himself most days. After being coaxed by Jade, he will play with her for a short time, especially after a bath.

Enough with the photos already...let's head to the beach!

Taking a break on the beach in La Manzanilla

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