Monday, January 12, 2009

Back from Canada!

I am back in Manzanillo and have been quite busy since I returned. Sorry for my absence from the whole blogging scene. I should be posting on a regular basis from now on. I got back to Manzanillo the first week of January and was housesitting/dogsitting/catsitting for some friends that looked after my dogs while I was away. I just returned to my apartment recently and it feels good to be home and in my own bed. The dogs were happy to see me and I them! I missed them so much while I was gone.

My trip back home was fantastic and went by incredibly fast. It was a flurry of non-stop visiting, eating, drinking and the typical over indulgences of the holiday season. It felt very strange when I arrived in Calgary. Everything was familiar but yet I knew it was no longer my home. First of all, it was -25 degrees Celcius and there was heaps of snow. I get off the plane adorned in capri pants, open toe sandals and all my Mexican wear. What a shock to the system! My friend Camelia picked me up from the airport with all the winter necessities....winter boots, winter coat, mitts, scarf, etc. And she even went to get the car to pick me up in the front so I would not freeze walking to her car. What an angel!

I stayed at my old house (which I had sold to one of my good friends) while in Calgary. When I arrived, it was very strange as the place had been completely renovated. It looks amazing and Lenise and her parents did an amazing job. It was nice to be back in my old house along with some of my things. I even got to sleep in my old bed! Both Camelia and Lenise had left me a welcome home present of some of my favorite things - my favorite cookies, my favorite wine, etc. Even though it was very late when I arrived, it took along time for me to wind down.....I was excited to be home and see all my friends and family. With all the Christmas lights and snow, it finally felt like Christmas.

The Christmas lights in front of City Hall

The next morning, Camelia, her husband and I went out for dim sum - one of my favorites. I had a long list of foods I wanted to eat while in Calgary, and I pretty much crossed everything off that list. The straining waist band on my jeans is definitely a testament to this! My friends here in Manzanillo wanted me to take photos of all the ethnic foods I ate while in Canada as we cannot get some of them here.

One of our dim sum delicacies

Afterwards, it was my good friend Michelle and Mike's daughter's first birthday party. I was so happy I was able to be back for this special event. She has grown up so fast and is adorable as ever.

A picture of the birthday girl and her amazing Elmo cake made by mom aka Martha Stewart! Very impressive cake!

From there, I went to my welcome back party at Camelia's. It was alot of fun and great to see all the crew from Melrose Place and a few people that were my mom's dear friends that dropped in by surprise. We had lots of laughs and it was so nice to see everyone. Brad even was a good sport and brought out his "Hugh Heffner" smoking jacket for all the ladies! I have not laughed that hard in a long time.

Some of the crew from the party

My favorite cupcakes from Crave - they taste even better then they look!

The infamous smoking jacket!

A big thanks to Camelia for hosting and organizing this event. It was so much fun and I still laugh out loud when I see the photos.

Well, all of this in my first 24 hours in Canada. There are many more adventures to write about! Stay tuned.......


Steve Cotton said...

Nice to have you back on line. It is a reminder to me that I will soon be heading south -- with Jiggs, I hope..

New Beginnings said...

Thanks Steve. I am really hoping Jiggs can make the trip down with you. I am pulling for him.

Beth said...

Welcome back!

My brother and his family live in Calgary, and although I've never been, I hear that winters can be quite something there!

If you're a Calgary Sun reader then you're probably familiar with him. LOL