Monday, December 8, 2008

More on La Manzanilla and weekend fun

Last week, here in La Manzanilla, the family I am staying with had a lobster night. They invited many of their friends over and we had a huge lobster feast. What a feast! It was delicious and a big treat.

The father, Hugo preparing the lobsters.

Rosaura cooking the lobsters. She is am amazing cook!!

Elizabeth, the other student in my Spanish class had her last day of class on Friday before returning back to the US. Here she is with one of our teachers Miguel on her last day.

The sunset was stunning that night.

This is my last week here in La Manzanilla. I would love to continue and take more classes but finances and the current situation in the financial markets will not allow it at this time. I have a solid base and will continue to work hard in Manzanillo and practice as much as I can.

On the weekend, I went back to my apartment in Manzanillo and went to a retro costume party for my friend's husband's birthday party. The ony requirement for the party was that you had to dress retro but were not restricted to any one era. Given that I was in La Manzanilla all week, I was not able to organize a costume. Luckily, friend Chelsea let me raid her closet and I was able to put together a disco outfit for the night. There were some great costumes and the creativity was fantastic! My friend Nuly, the organizer, had hired a DJ who played great retro music all night and even had laser/light shows and dry ice! Definitely retro! We danced into the wee hours of the morning.

Chelsea and I in our costumes. Her outfit cracked me up!

Organizer Nuly and birthday boy Nick

Rob and Sandra

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Ted said...

You are living in one of my favorite areas. We love the whole state of Colima, We have been to all the same places you write about. Thanks for sharing. BTW what is the name of the Spanish school you are attending?
Thanks again and Best Wishes