Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Making a list....checking it twice

I am so excited to be going back to Canada for Christmas. I have been busy unpacking from my month in La Manzanilla, making lists of things to buy in Canada, and most importantly, making lists of things to eat while I am there. Don't get me wrong, the food here in Mexico is delicious and I am loving every bite! And the seafood here is to die for. However, there are some things that I do miss. First and foremost is the utterly divine Alberta steak. I have sampled many a steak in my travels around the world and none of them have held up to good 'ole Alberta beef. Obviously, that was first on my list. Even with the crazy cold temperatures in Calgary right now, I am more than willing to man the grill in my toque (a hat for all you non-Canadians) and scarf for a barbecued rib-eye. I have also been missing Thai, Indian and Vietnamese food which are all within a few minutes drive of where I am staying in Calgary..........I am salivating at the very thought! Oh and let's not forget Dim Sum! Apparently, the first morning after I arrive, Camelia has us set to go for Dim Sum in China Town. The anticipation is killing me! We also have an organic turkey on order from the market for Christmas dinner.

The irony of all this food talk is that I am sitting here writing this whilst eating a toasted tomato and cheese sandwich! I know, I know......but, I just had this craving and it is such a good fall back when you have absolutely nothing in your fridge and do not feel like going out. I remember when my mom lived with me for a while in Calgary, we would both return from work and look at each other and say.......what do you feel like eating? On those days when we (or shall I say I) did not feel like cooking, we would look at each other and say in unison....."toasted tomato and cheese". Ahhhhhh, comfort food. Or, if we were not in the mood for that, we would go for our usual "29A" from the Vietnamese restaurant just a hop, skip and a jump away. Hmmmm...........Good eats...


Anonymous said...

reading about tomato and cheese sandwiches made me want to eat a quesadilla. in trying to lose weight i had not bought tortillas in months but i bought some last night. i'm going to blame those extra calories on you ;-)

i know just how you feel about getting the foods you can't get there, as i may have mentioned, i'm really looking forward to all the cuban food i'll be eating in miami. just one more week and i'll be in the sunshine. right now it is snowing heavily. schools were closed today and probably will not reopen till the new year.

happy eating!


Tricia said...

Congratulations on going home for Christmas!! My husband and I have family in Mexico and have been trying to move there for over a year now. We've purchased land in Cuastecomate (near Melaque) but haven't been able to take the plunge just yet for fears of not being able to support ourselves. While we are enjoying our Christmas here in Seattle WA (its SNOWING like crazy )we would really like be like to be in Mexico with our HUGE family.

Any advice for a couple of feet draggers?


New Beginnings said...

Teresa - enjoy all the amazing food in Miami! Happy Holidays!

Tricia - Thanks! Yes, my friend was supposed to fly via Seattle and his flight was cancelled because of all the crazy weather you guys have been having. As for advice, I know it is scary but life is short and if you think you can make it work, why not? Have a great white Christmas!