Sunday, November 16, 2008

Halloween in Mexico!

This post is a little belated as I was waiting for all the pictures from my friend Kris and have been busy with my friend from Canada who just left to go home.

We had a girls day/night (sleepover) at my friend Renee's house in the last week of October and decided that we were all going to dress up and go out for Halloween. I was absolutely thrilled as I love dress up and have thrown a few fundraisers back in Canada that were costume parties. A friend of ours was having a costume party and then we planned on going to our friend's bar Sunset Lounge afterwards.

So, the brainstorming began over sushi, yoga and drinks.....

Friends Chelsea, Rosy, Renee and Kris

Jade, Jackson and Nick watching us brainstorm from the balcony

Chelsea and Kris doing some yoga moves and getting inspired

The views from Renee's balcony

We only had a week to buy materials, make costumes, and get organized for the party on October 31. There were 6 of my girlfriends that decided to dress up with the same theme. One of my friends suggested being fairies but all different kinds with our own unique flair. The brainstorming continued into the next morning at brunch and after alot of caffeine, Chelsea started sketching and came up with the vision! I would be Winter Fairy, Chelsea would be Garden Fairy, Kris would be 80's Fairy and Renee would be Fertility Fairy.

After brunch and caffeine, we went off to the fabric store to purchase the materials and accessories for our costumes. Since I am hopeless at sewing and these sort of domestic duties, I paid Kris's housekeeper to sew my skirt. She did a fabulous job and I am so glad I was able to outsource this part of the costume!

Halloween finally arrived and four our of the 6 fairies gathered at Kris' house to do our makeup and final touches on our costumes.

Chelsea doing Kris' makeup

Renee aka Fertility Fairy

The four fairies ready to go! Fertility Fairy, Garden Fairy, Winter Fairy and 80's Fairy!

Off we went to the costume party and met up with our other fairies

All of the guests from the costume party went to Sunset Lounge to continue to the wee hours of the morning.

There were alot of fabulous costumes - loved this one! Nacho Libre!

It was a fantastic time - we all had a blast. It took weeks before I got all the glitter and pixie dust off!

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Steve Cotton said...

It looks as if you had fun. But I suspect you girls have been spending too much time in the sun -- without your hats.