Thursday, November 6, 2008

2nd Annual Dog Jog - I need your help!

I will be participating in the 2nd Annual Dog Jog here in Manzanillo on November 23. This is a 5km run-walk on the Santiago Pensinsula to raise money for PATA Manzanillo's free spay/neuter programs. PATA Manzanillo is an amazing non-profit, all volunteer group dedicated to the welfare of all dogs and cats in Manzanillo. Their goal is to end needless suffering, promote sterilization to lessen the over population problem and reduce the number of stray animals on the streets, and help animals to find and stay in suitable and loving homes. To date, in the 3 years since inception, they have spayed/neutered over 900 stray animals here in Manzanillo! If you do the math and think about how many puppies or kittens each animal would have had, this has helped save literally thousands of animals lives. They estimate that there are over 16,000 homeless dogs and cats fighting for survival on the streets of Manzanillo.

So, I need your help. I am looking for people to pledge me for this 5km walk. I am trying to raise as much money as I can for this wonderful organization. For those of you here in Manzanillo, just let me know if you would like to donate and I can arrange to come by and pick it up. For those of you out of town, you can still pledge me on-line using your visa or bank account! Just click here, scroll to the bottom and you can donate on-line via pay-pal through PATA's website. This is a fully secure way to make a donation. If you do not already have a pay-pal account, it just takes a few minutes to sign up. If you do donate on-line, can you leave a comment here on my blog to let me know so I can track how much I raise? Thanks in advance for your support!

Clearly, this organization has made a huge difference in the few years since inception and has significantly reduced the number of stray dogs and cats here. I am very happy to be a volunteer for this amazing charity. Every day, I see stray dogs and cats on the my daily walks and it would break your heart to see the state they are in.


Anonymous said...

Tom and Royann from Alaska donate $25 pledge to you.

New Beginnings said...

Tom and Royann - thank you SO much for your support. I really appreciate it!

Also, a big thank you to Camelia for her $150.00 pledge!

New Beginnings said...

A big thanks to my brother Trevor for his $25.00 pledge!

Beth said...

Kudos to you for helping the animals! I'm involved in greyhound rescue and every little bit counts!

New Beginnings said...

A big thanks to Alex for his $100 pledge. So far, I have raised $350 USD and hope to reach my target of $500.00!

PATA Manzanillo said...

According to PATA Manzanillo paypal account, you also received a $40 US and $50 US donation..... Almost at your target goal :)