Saturday, July 26, 2008

Adios Canada!

Well, the farewell party has come and gone and I am feeling incredibly blessed and also very sad. It is going to be so hard to say goodbye to my friends and family. Since my farewell party, I have been reflecting on just how fortunate I am to be surrounded by the friends in my life. I can honestly say that I have cried on a daily basis thinking about all of you and how much I will miss you.

What can I say.........the farewell was touching, laugh out loud funny, tears and the usual gong show. I finished in fine you all forgive me for not saying a proper good night? And I was lucky enough to have my dearest friend fly up to surprise me. And all the way from the "boonies". Just kidding L, I will never forget my roots. And thanks to the hosts/organizers of the event - it was a blast and I really appreciate your efforts.

And what else has been happening this last little while.....a few of my friends had asked me why I had not posted anything lately. To be honest, I have been entirely consumed by getting ready for this move. At times, I felt completely paralyzed by the seemingly gargantuan task of preparing to leave a country. Lets see, what else....Oh, yeah, I got my first tattoo. I thought it fitting with my new transition. And to all of you who told me it does not hurt that much....liar liar, pants on fire!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was an especially emotional day. I moved out of my house - possession was at noon. I realized that I had over 9 years of memories in that place. Many laughs, many tears and countless precious moments. And to all my Melrose friends.......I love you and will miss you. You are going to have to travel a bit further than down a few stairs to have some cocktails together now!!!! And to my dear friend who helped me with all the "heavy lifting" in my move. I love you dearly and will always be incredibly grateful for everything you have done for me.

Wednesday is the big day when I leave for Mexico. I cannot believe the day is almost here. My next post will be from Mexico.

Again, a big thanks to all my dear friends who helped drive me around to get everything done. I am going to miss all of you so much.


Mexico "Way" said...

Travel safe. I'm anxious to hear how you settle into your new location.


Pet the pup for me.

New Beginnings said...

Thanks so much! Yes, these next few months should be interesting.

BoBo and Miko said...

As we've said many times, Melrose will not be the same without you and Jackson. The folks in Manzanillo have no idea how lucky they are. We'll miss you sooo much!!

CancunCanuck said...

Have a safe journey, can't wait to hear your first post from Mexico! Buen viaje!

laniecat said...

Missy!! Good luck!! So wanted to chat to you before you left!<:o(
Happy travels, be safe and for goodness sakes, SEND US A PICTURE OF YOUR TATTOOO!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL??
Miss you heaps babe!!
Loving always and forever..
John, Lanie and Kirov

Mamacita Chilena said...

Have a good trip! It will be interesting to read your about your experiences once the move is complete :)