Monday, September 7, 2009

Flying Possums

Yes, that is right. I had an up close and personal encounter with a very scary looking possum (proper name is opposum, I believe). My friend had come over for a visit and we were sitting in the living room chatting when out of the corners of our eyes, we both saw something black and furry flying though the air right outside my front door. When I went out to investigate, I saw a large furry unknown animal being held hostage in Jade’s mouth. I was stunned and had no idea what to do. First of all, I had never seen anything like it and secondly, it was sort of hissing and baring really SHARP teeth. So, there I am yelling the command “drop it” at the top of my lungs. Of course, she did NOT obey and proceeded to fling it around in the air like it was a rag doll. Try to imagine me running around my front yard after Jade with a broom (all I could think of) trying to get her to drop the animal. Well, it is not like my neighbors think I am a little peculiar to begin with!

Eventually she drops it and I bring her in the house. Sure enough, when I looked outside a few moments later, the thing was gone. It was lying there “playing possum”. I thought it was dead! I think my friend was relieved that he did not have to help “dispose” of the animal.

Later on that evening, after my friend had left, I heard Jade and Jackson barking like mad. When I went outside, I discovered that the possum had returned and the dogs had him/her cornered in my front yard. It was hissing ferociously and baring its teeth again. So out I run again trying to round up the dogs and get them in the house before they get tore up by this animal. I was not very successful and it took forever to get them away from the possum and in the house. Before I managed to do that, Jade somehow managed to grab the possum in her mouth and ran INSIDE the house…..WITH the possum. I eventually got her to bring it back outside where I finally managed to wrestle her away. And there it was lying there after the whole ordeal, bloody and either dying or "playing dead" again . I was not sure what to do as it was 1am and all my neighbors were sound asleep. I watched it for a while - it was still breathing but was staying put. After some time, I decided to go to bed, assuming it would be gone by morning. Unfortunately, this was not the case and it was still in the front yard. My neighbor happened to be walking by as I was standing there trying to figure out what to do with it. He explained that the name of the animal in Spanish is "tlacuache" and he picked it up by it's tail and brought it to a nearby garbage pile for me.

After this experience, I found this photo on-line courtesy of Apparently, they have 50 sharp teeth! Luckily, the dogs managed to make it through the experience without any puncture wounds.

Any guesses as to what critter the dogs will find next?


Chrissy y Keith said...

Good girl! Jade did the right thing. These critter can be pests.

CancunCanuck said...

We've got these guys in our garden, I kind of think they are cute (that may be because my first experience with them here was with a litter of bebes). We discovered a hole leading into our laundry room one night as a pretty big guy found his way in to nibble on the cat food. I really should have turned on the light before walking into the room, I almost died when I pretty much stepped on its rat-like tail, ew!

New Beginnings said...

Chrissy - yes, I am guessing that I will never have any critter come in the house. Unless, of course, Jade decides to bring it in!

Cancun Canuck - you think they are cute? Maybe as babies, they might be. Yes, their tails are quite hideous.

Lanie said...

Hey Tel!
I know.. shame on me for taking so long! Things have been crazy here! But I have all caught up on your blog! So much excitement!
Cant believe you have been there for over a year now! WOW!!!
Will have to hook up on Skype as there is much to talk about.. mostly.. HUBBY PASSED HIS CITIZENSHIP TEST TODAY!!!
Will try and call you this weekend!
Much love to you and the dogs and I cant believe you crossed over and became a cat person!
Love and sloppy kisses

ppiraino13 said...

Hi Chantel,
My name is Polly Piraino, a 57 year old female from Los Angeles, CA. I found your blog while doing internet research about the best things to see in Manzanillo that we can do in 1 day. My husband, Dan, and I are going on our first cruise. We are going to Acapulco, Zihua and Manzanillo. Each stop is only a day trip. We are cruising with 68 friends, all members of a corvette club, Corvettes Limited. A great party group! Any Manzanillo ideas? I have been to Barra de Navidad a very long time ago. Cuyutlan sounds amazing but everyone is fearful of the short time table and missing the boat. The same story with Colima. We depart at 6:00 pm on Halloween. Should we visit the Zocalo and old downtown, see Las Hadas or maybe check out the peninsula? It would be fun to visit some of the places you have written about, if only we had more time. Maybe on our next no cruise visit. A cruise review traveller mentioned Hotel Colonial's restaurant as a fun place to hang, drink Micheladas and enjoy some local appetizers. Do you know of this place?

I got married on Sept 15th 1973 and left two days later to move to Guadalajara for 3 1/2 years. My husband was starting medical school at Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara. I had taken Spanish classes for years in school but could speak very little. I could understand most written and spoken Spanish but very few words came out of my mouth, very challenging for a "talker!" I had a neighbor who spoke no English and she was home all day and wanted to be friends. The only way we could visit was through my attempts at speaking Spanish. When I had no other options I was forced to use what I had been taught in 6 years of classes. One day months later I dreamed in Spanish and knew that I had conquered my language barrier. We returned to the US in Dec 1976, I haven't returned to Mexico since then. I am looking forward to being in Mexico again, if only in a very limited way. I was 17 my last trip to Acapulco. I bet in 40 years it has changed a little. Las Brisas was brand new!

Thanks for listening, I have enjoyed reading your blog so much. I lost my mom 7 years ago in September, I am still not over it. I am also an animal wonk and rescuer, mostly dogs. We love cats but are highly allergic.

If you see a Carnival ship in port on Halloween, wave, that will be us.

Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary, any word on a job you want? I hope your life continues to be happier, more content and that you find what you are looking for. Give your doggies a big smooch for me! I look forward to future updates.
Best Wishes,

New Beginnings said...

Hi Polly, thanks so much for your message. I need a bit more info from you. What time does your boat arrive? You said you have to be back for 6pm right? I am just trying to figure out how many hours you have. Also, are you interested in sight-seeing or more adventurous things (like quadding, zip-lining, etc). Answers to those questions will help. Also, what kind of food do you like? I can definitely make some restaurant suggestions as well.

Yes, I have been to the Colonial Hotel. It is a beautiful hotel and my mom used to love going there to eat. I have not been there in quite some time.

I have started doing a bit of work but am getting my resume out there with the hopes of finding something full-time. I am an accountant by trade but my passion is in marketing and fundraising for non-profit organizations.

I am happy that you enjoy my blog and thanks for reading- I have seriously considered hanging up the towel with it lately.

Hope to hear from you soon.