Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Life as a gimp incredibly dull and boring. I am trying not to go insane from the inactivity and having to constantly keep my foot elevated. Since my accident, I have been staying at my friend Michelle's which is a beautiful, grand house with a large patio that has the most beautiful view of the bay. All things considered, I cannot imagine a better place to be laid up. My days consists of studying Spanish, reading books, writing, watching tv and trying to check e-mails/blog when the internet connection so permits.

I have been very lucky to have Michelle looking after meals, getting me glasses of water, taking my dogs out, etc. It is a regular zoo here - there is Michelle, her 3 year old son, myself, my two dogs, her two dogs and a cat. Fortunately, Michelle found someone to walk my dogs 6 out of 7 days a week. The gardener from across the street comes by to pick up the dogs after he has finished his normal day job. He takes them for an hour walk each day and afterwards, both Jade and Jackson like to cool off in the pool.

The first week here, I was on alot of medication and was not quite lucid enough for studying so my days mostly consisted of sleeping and laying with my foot elevated. I also had a few friends come by for a visit which was a huge treat. They have all come up with entertaining nicknames for me - peg leg, club foot, gimp, etc. After almost a week, I finally left the house for the first time and went to one of our favorite restaurants/bars Frida's for live jazz night. It was soooooooo great to get out of the house and visit with my friends. Then on Monday, Michelle had a barbecue where alot of our friends came by for an afternoon fiesta.

On the weekend, I actually went out for dinner one night and took another giant fall on the slippery tiles in the restaurant bathroom. Fortunately, my shoulder and knee took the brunt of it and I am just a little more black and blue than before. My friend had to come into the bathroom to collect me.....very humbling as I am sure you can imagine.

Between the cobblestone streets, the potholes and the slippery tiles, it will be a miracle if I make it through my time on crutches without any more falls! Here's hoping!

You are going to have to wait for photos and blog posts from my visit with my family as the internet connection is too slow here to upload any pictures.


Anonymous said...

Just a little FYI from a xray tech, you may want a followup xray in a few weeks because sometimes fractures are not apparent initally. Just curious,was the xray image digital or on film? I am happy for you that you have such wonderful friends. Take care and I wish you a speedy recovery.

New Beginnings said...

Corinne - thanks for the heads up. I am meeting with the specialist tomorrow so will ask the question. The X-ray was digital, I think, as they gave me a copy on a CD. Thanks for the well wishes!